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Hello and welcome to CC's Dezignz!

Hello my name is Caressa and I'm an artist. I do many different types of art and I am always experimenting with new styles and different mediums. I currently have my art on the cover of a c.d. titled A Beautiful Mind by singer Madd Mary, and I have my art on the cover of a book titled Ain't Understandin' Mellow by author Michelle Davis . 

I do fantasy art, portraits, murals, cartoons, illustration,graphic design, anime and much more! I would have to say that my favorite thing to draw/paint is fantasy art. I love fairies and elves,dragons,wizards,angels and anything mystical. It allows me to use my imagination more than any other form of art and in a world where things are chaotic and crazy, it allows me to go to another place if only for a while.

A little about me: I am 25, grew up in a small town called Holt Missouri and I still live there to this day. I am engaged to a wonderful man who is also an artist. I have no kids yet but they are definately in my life plan some day. I love nature and flowers and rain, the beauty of it all takes my breath away. Some may call me a tree huggin' hippie but I dont mind.

My web site here was made by me to showcase my art and the examples of the art that I am available to do. I am available to do custom art for you in whatever way you can dream up. Portraits, murals and much, much more. I have very reasonable rates and sometimes allow people to barter as a form of payment. If you have a reasonable offer as a form of payment then shoot me the offer, I will consider all offers and its fun to see whats out there.

Got Myspace? I do.. www.myspace.com/ccandred  go ahead and add me!

And if you need a great graphic designer check out this site www.reggiesgraphicdesigns.1colony.com

Always remember... Dream, Love, Believe